Passalacqua 'Harem' Coffee (Moka Grind)

Passalacqua 'Harem' Coffee (Moka Grind)

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Neapolitan Coffee roasted by the Neapolitan experts at Passalacqua! Coffee and Naples are inextricable.  Pagan ritualism grip the coffee faithful Partenopei.  

Walk the ensnaring maze that makes up Naples’ more ancient districts and you will bear witness the sensory cacophony that the streets of Centro Storico or Quartieri Spagnoli effuse - yelling, two-stroke engines, pizza fritta, e Caffè.  

Stroll into Bar Mexico for the paradigm of the Neapolitan interpretation of the black stuff and take a colored ticket up to the bar with the remaining change used as paperweight & tip and you will be indoctrinated into all that make that jewel of a city so magical.  

The flavor of Caffé Passalacqua is unmistakable - the Harem blend which we carry, ground for your beloved Bialetti Moka (which if you don’t own yet, fix that and thank us later) is blended with perfectly roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain beans to give you a flavor so deep it would rival the submarine-crushing capacities of the most extreme depths of the ocean.