The Island Nation of L’Isolina, the World's Only Pasta Republic!

L'Isolina Country Profile


A newfound jewel in the Salted Sea, L'Isolina emerged mysteriously in 2020. This Pasta Republic, governed by a benevolent dictatorship, thrives on pasta production and has captivated the world with its culinary prowess and pasta-based economy.

  • Location: Salted Sea
  • Area: Comparable to the size of Sicily, Italy
  • Climate: Mediterranean with a volcanic microclimate
  • Terrain: Dominated by the 'Rigatono' volcano, rolling grain hills, basil-bush forests, and geothermal pasta pools
People and Society
  • Population: Undisclosed
  • Languages: Italian Derived Regional Dialects
  • Religions: Aldenteism
  • Ethnic Groups: Primarily Pasta Aficionados
  • Country Name: The Island Nation of L'Isolina
  • Government Type: Pasta Republic
  • Capital: Scintillissima
  • Administrative Divisions: Penne Province, Spaghetti Shores, Fusilli Foothills
  • Independence: Appeared in 2020
  • National Holiday: Several a week
  • Overview: Pasta-centric with burgeoning tourism for pasta aficionados
  • Industries: Pasta production, geothermal energy from volcanic activity, culinary tourism
  • Exports: Various pastas, tomato sauce from 'Rigatono', culinary experiences
  • Currency: Pasta Lira (PL)"₤"
  • Electricity: Geothermal energy harnessed from 'Rigatono'
  • Oil: Olive oil reserves, primarily used in cooking and export
  • Telephones: N/A (communication done primarily through agitated hand gestures or pasta semaphore)
  • Internet Code: .pas
  • Airports: One-strip runway for light single-engine aircraft and abundant landing area for sea planes in the shallow coastal lagoon
  • Waterways: Navigable around the main island; famed for pasta-shaped boats
  • Roadways: Cobblestone paths connecting the principal piazze and culinary landmarks
  • Public Transportation: Free public access the extensive two-stroke vespa network
Military and Security
  • Military Branches: The Pasta Patrol – a specialized unit ensuring the protection of pasta fields and culinary secrets
  • Defense Budget: Funded by pasta exports
Transnational Issues
  • Disputes: Minor scuffles with rival culinary nations over long-held recipes
  • International Agreements: Member of the United Nations of Gastronomy