Our Story

L’Isolina, meaning the little island, is an homage to our home on the East End of Long Island, and the home islands our grandparents immigrated from. Our Nonna Mariolina came from the far Northern Island of Lussino, and our Nonno Giuseppe from the deep Southern Isle of Sicily. They reconciled that not insignificant geographic and cultural gap by acquiring a wealth of culinary knowledge that spanned the Peninsula and the Mediterranean.

Some of our earliest and fondest memories are of making and eating pasta with them. The reverence with which they treated the archetypical Italian export always made cooking it feel like a ritual, and the intricate marriage to its sauce feel like alchemy. We hope to emulate the passion they had for their food, one they never lost even after decades away from their homeland, that our love and care is evident in this pasta, and that it helps bring those you love together at the table. 

We aim to produce the highest quality product using the best ingredients we can find. Our pasta is bronze extruded in the traditional Gragnano method to create a rough surface texture perfect for clinging to sauces. It was made with a blend of Organic Semolina Flour stone milled by Molini del Ponte, a mill based in Castelvetrano, Sicily specializing in heritage grains, and imported by the wonderful people at Gustiamo.

We are also dedicated to using Whole Grains, and proudly use Whole Wheat flour grown, and milled locally by Amber Waves Farm. Amber Waves’ wheat is delicious and nutritious, and loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. We produce all our pasta in small batches to ensure superb quality and flavor, and we hope you love it!